What To Expect When Your Are Expecting

What to Expect When Your Expecting
Pregnancy and Parenting, every step of the way

Heidi Murkoff is the best selling author of the popular book, "What to Expect When You're Expecting".  I first learned of her book when I was expecting our fifth child. My physician made it a practice to give out a complimentary copy to each expecting mother. I found her book to be both helpful and insightful.

Guess what? You can now visit  What To Expect  and learn about other books by Heidi Murkoff to help guide you through pregnancy and childbirth. Also, there are "What to Expect the First Year" and "What to Expect the Second Year". Check out the other books at www.whattoexpect.com . Several of her books are printed in Spanish as well.

What To Expect is more than an great author web site. You can join the community and become interactive with other moms. You can read articles, participate in the baby photo contests, shop and track your baby's growth.  Also, you can download free apps for fertility, pregnancy and much more.

For more information: Visit What To Expect and/or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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