The Truth About Dating, Love and Just Being Friends by Chad Eastham

The Truth About Dating, Love and Just Being Friends by Chad Eastham

When I was given this book by my mom, I didn’t know exactly what to expect from it other than it sounded rather sassy on the front cover. Being a person who doesn’t read much, this will be my second book covering the “dating scene” and I am glad my mom considered giving it to me to review. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The book is written well with a good sense of humor that kept it fresh and entertaining. I was never bored reading it and have actually read the entire thing!

  The book covers multiple subjects; people, love(in general not just the boyfriend and girlfriend kind), flirting, signs of good or bad relationships, stalkers, friends, you and even vampires(just read it…) I liked the discussions on people’s individual strengths and weaknesses and how the author asks you to write down certain things about yourself. This way, it's sort of giving you an opportunity to evaluate yourself, your life and maybe a difficult social situation that you might be going through at the moment. All of it is very helpful.

I’m happy to have read this, and I feel somehow smarter than I did before I read it. I recommend this book to anyone whether they are dating, single, married, teen or adult, because all of us need to know how to love-- and love well.


Guest Reviewer: Fawn Carter
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  2. I recommend this book for anyone who is curious about how you fit into the scheme of things and wants to read an insightful book. I learned a lot about myself, like if you are a people pleaser, you tend to change depending on who you are around. You should be a strong enough person to be who you are at all times, and if people don't like it, know that is ok. You can also gage whether someone really likes you, or just likes what they are getting out of the relationship, by using some of the nonverbal behaviors Eastman describes, like eye contact and body language.


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