PakNaks® Charming Decorations for Kids

PakNaks® Ginger & Bella


PakNaks® are cute little decorations used to personalize almost anything that they can stick to. Kids will enjoy being able to decorate their backpacks, lunch bags, and books without the fear of their delightful charms fading or falling off. PakNaks® come in all shapes and sizes, from butterflies to basketballs, dogs to cats, cupcakes to flowers. Each soft, rubbery figurine, comes with a small card stating where the character lives, it’s name, it’s favorite food, and what it likes to do. The online store offers over 40 different characters each priced $3.99, so there’s a lot to choose from and it‘s very affordable.

The charms are very easy to put on and easy to take off. They don’t seem to wear out either, because I’ve peeled my PakNaks® off and put it back on, and it seemed to stick back onto my messenger bag heartily; no tear and no wear. The instructions advise you to wait 24 hours before doing this, for better results. Because I didn’t see this, I just peeled it off immediately. Thankfully the little charms are resilient because I had no problems with it going back on---oops.

With their fun, sleek design and colorful cartoony characters, PakNaks® are just right for that little something that makes your personal stuff more original than they were before.

To learn more about PakNaks® visit http://www.paknak.com/ and/or the Blog: http://www.paknak.blogspot.com/.

-Guest Reviewer: Fawn Carter
Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received a free sample of PakNaks® products through ChicExecs for this review. PakNaks® images taken from the blog. Thank you.

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