Knifty Knitter Looms

Knifty Knitter Round Looms
Knifty Knitter Looms

Recently, my husband bought us the Knifty Knitter Round Looms and a Specialty Loom set from Walmart. He thought the girls and I would spend less time on the computer if we began crafting. I usually like to include crafts in our homeschool program but my teenagers seem to enjoy writing stories and drawing more. After a few weeks, I decided someone needed to begin making a hat or two. I started out with the smalled loom(blue) for infants. The next hat I created was for my five-year-old daughter, Summer. I told her it was not finished because I want to create a pom pom for the top. I plan to show a few of the things we make on the blog. I look forward to trying my hand as making a baby blanket, scarf and many other things.

I have found that Youtube is very helpful in locating videos that others have created using Knifty Knitter products. You can find tutorials on Youtube for making pom pom balls too.

You can find Knifty Knitter products at local craft and retail stores. You may find a great bargain online too.

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