Children's Classic Stories Now With Sign Language

The Best Children's Stories Now With Sign Language!

Just in time for back-to-school on July 27, Scholastic Storybook TreasuresTM will release their new line of American Sign Language(ASL) stories geared towards children ages 3 to 9. The first DVD's being released are the popular best sellers, Corduroy and Goodnight Moon. Each DVD contains 3 stories which includes  read-along, read-aloud and sign language. Also, included on each DVD you will find vocabulary words along with sign language illustrations and reading comprehension questions.

Sign Language Increases IQ  Scores by 12 Points!

Did you know that studies show that children's IQ scores can increase to an average of 12 points when they learn sign language during the preschool years? Teaching a second language in the preschool years including sign language aids in vocabulary, language skills, reading readiness, communication, sight word retention and enhances fine motor skills.

My Thoughts

Recently, while on vacation my family and I were eating at a pizza pub and a lovely family walked in to eat. They sat right behind us where my four-year-old daughter could see them. She is not a shy child and immediately began waving and talking with their little boy. We noticed that his parents and grandparents were communicating by using sign language. She had many questions about sign language while we were eating. And now, I am happy to be sharing quality products that can help her with communicating with children in their special language. As a homeschool parent, I believe these new DVD's will make a great addition to any homeschool library, daycare, church or local library.

To learn more about ASL, visit Signs for Intelligence www.signsforintelligence.com . To purchase a copy of either DVD for $12.95, visit Scholastic at www.newkideo.com. 

Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs happily received free copies of the new sign language DVD's by Scholastic Storybook Treasures(www.newkideo.com & www.scholastic.com) and Weston Woods Studio:  "Goodnight Moon .. and more great bedtime stories" and "A Pocket for Corduroy .. and more stories about friendship" on DVD for this review.
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