By Darkness Hid: Blood of Kings Book I by Jill Williamson

By Darkness Hid: Blood of Kings Book I 
by Jill Williamson

Summary: A slave and a noble girl embark on a journey of hardships, as  they struggle to comprehend their newfound mind-reading powers.

Thoughts: I love this book. It’s fun, exciting and kept me interested  from page one all the way till the end. While I was reading it, I  couldn’t believe that I had breezed past 490 pages without even a touch  of boredom or fatigue. This book is a “uni-sex” book, where it’s not  written geared toward a male or female demographic but both. I  compliment the author for doing a very good job helping us relate and  understand the two main characters and their mysterious world divided by  Darkness and Light. One realm bears no stars or moon, zero light, this  is the realm of Darkness. Why the world has been split is still  unanswered, but it is or supposedly tied into Bloodvoicing, an ability  to read and communicate with people’s and animal’s minds. With this  being said, the book ends abruptly, even though it’s 490 pages, amazing!  The ending is deserving of a sequel and will never be complete without  it. Consider this book a beginning stage leading up to the second, so  keep an eye out for “To Darkness Fled” for more of this exhilarating  adventure. I’ll be looking forward to it. - F.C.

***** 5 out of 5 stars 
Guest Reviewer: Fawn Carter

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A special thanks to Jill Williamson for providing a free autographed copy from a recent contest online.

Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs won an autographed copy of this book.
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