Febreze Home Collection Giveaway

Say goodbye to spilled potpourri and candle wax. The Febreze Home Collection wants to introduce you to their no mess, no spill line-up that's perfect for creating a refreshing atmosphere.

The newest addition to the Febreze Home Collection, the No-Spill Wood Diffuser, combines everything you love about WoodWick diffuser technology and Febreze scents, offering a unique fragrance experience. The scented oil is drawn up through the dowel into the wood top, creating a hassle-free way to freshen your home.

If you're looking to add character to your decor, then the Febreze Flameless Luminary is for you! The Febreze Flameless Luminary has interchangeable shade styles and the refreshing atmosphere of a burning candle without the danger of a flame. For a limited time, you can fill your home with the newest scent, Honeysuckle Orchid.  

Febreze Flameless Luminary

My Thoughts

My family and I were pleased with the delivery of the Febreze Home Collection samples for this review. I had never purchased these particular products and I really have enjoyed having them in our home.

I am enjoying the fragrant scent of honeysuckle orchid in my bedroom. The scent brings back memories of my childhood of when wild honeysuckle grew up and down our dirt road. It is just marvelous. I did not think the scent would be as strong as it after being in the bedroom a few days. I like that it is no spill, especially with a young child in my home.

We have the Flameless LuminaryTM in the cherry blossom whimsy scent. We also have two extra scents: the limited edition cranberry pear and willow blossom. Each luminary is beautifully designed and great for any decor. The soft flickering glow from the lighted base is lovely and adds touch of elegance to our home. Anytime we want to have a new scent, we just change the shade.

My husband and I dropped by our local Target after eating out with family the day before my birthday because we wanted to check on prices and stock for the Febreze Home Collection. The no spill wood diffuser's cost about $14.99 as does the Flameless Luminaries. The luminaries sell two in each pack and costs about $4.99. My husband checked at the local Walmart and found an even greater variety in the selection for both products and the cost was a few cents lower. The luminary does come with two double AA batteries.

For more information on the Febreze Home Collection, visit Facebook at facebook.com/febrezehomecollectionfacebook.com/febrezehomecollection or walmart.com/febrezehomecollection

"This product review was based on using complimentary Febreze product provided by P & G. Bloggers also received a Walmart gift card to share with their readers. P & G does not represent or warrant the accuracy of any statements or product claims made here, nor does it endorse any opinions expressed with this blogsite."


My Blog Spark has provided a $15 Walmart Gift Card to be given away by Loving Heart Designs. If you would like a chance to win, please share with our readers what scent you would like and/or which product you can not wait to try first. Please, add you name and email in the main comment.

Congratulations to Scott!!!
This contest runs from June 25 to July 10, 2010 is open to the US only. The winner will be chosen by random and will have 48 hrs to reply with mailing information. I would like to state that I will not replace any lost gift cards.

Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs received the Febreze No-Spill Solution Kit and $15 Walmart gift card from Febreze and MyBlogSpark.
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Wii JumpStart® Get Moving™ Family Fitness

Wii JumpStart® Get Moving™ Family Fitness
featuring Brooke Burke

Ages 5 to 9 SRP $29.99
Rated E for Everyone

Get Your Family Moving ... 
and find out how fitness can be fun!

For over a decade, JumpStart has been providing us with wonderful educational entertainment for our children with programs from Knowledge Adventure like JumpStart and the Math Blaster Series. And now, they have jumped into the main stream with their latest family fitness game for the Wii. Celebrity Co-host and champion of ABC's Dancing With the Stars, Brooke Burke, aids us with her fun and helpful fitness tips throughout the game. Explore over 10 exotic arenas like Atlantis, Egypt, Bug View, Jungle, Jurassic, Castle, Beach, Farm, Space and many others.

Volleyball Setting
Basketball 3-point Shooting

Begin by naming and designing your own character, build custom routines, and play in one of the fabulous exotic arenas. My four-year-old loves to play dress up and she is a pro at designing characters for games. We started out with quick play before trying the routines. With each activity there are three levels: easy, medium and hard. We all started out with the easy mode so we could get used to the moves for each activity. You can begin by choosing one of  the main sports like baseball(catching & batting), basketball(lunge pass, 3 point shot), football(QB passing, run back run, tire run, catching), volleyball(bump, set and serve) and racing (running track, ice skating, speed skating, flying race, bicycle race, step aerobics, boxing). For balance, you can play dodgeball or pinball. We had loads of fun playing basket ball on the farm, volley ball at the beach, football in the castle and much more. I enjoyed the step aerobics. The game runs with the Wii remote, nunchuk, and Wii board. I advise as a parent that you use supervision when using the Wii board. Jumping on the Wii board can cause damage. Thankfully, many of the games can be played with just the Wii remote and nunchuk. If you can not watch your children, I would advise to only allow the Wii remote and nunchuk games  to be used during playtime. JumpStart® Get Moving™ is one of the most enjoyable games you can play with your whole family.

One of my daughter's  is a teenager and she enjoyed ice skating because of it's difficulty level for her age. She enjoyed the challenge. My husband enjoyed the main sports like basketball and baseball. We believe this is a great way to have fun and work on being more fit for most all members of the family. You do not need to be an experienced gamer or a long time gamer to play this game either. Not only is is great family fun but it is affordable fun. (SRP $29.99)

You can find JumpStart® Get Moving™ at major retailers like Best Buy, GameStop, Target and WalMart.

Congratulations to _____!!! You won a new copy of JumpStart® Get Moving™.

mframe said...
I would like to try boxing in the dinosaur jungle.

This contest will run from June 23, 2010 to July 8th, 2010 at 11:59 PM EST. The winner will be chosen at random and contacted by email. Winner has 48 hrs to reply with requested information. If winner fails to reply within stated time, a new reader will be picked. Knowledge Adventure is responsible for shipping the prize to our winner. Remember USA only and PO Boxes are allowed. Thank you.


Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of JumpStart Get Moving: Family Fitness at no cost by Knowledge Adventure in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.”
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two leaves and a bud ~ tea company

two leaves and a bud
Tea Company

two teas and a bud

When I received two leaves and a bud’s tea samples, I was so excited to try each and every one of them out. Sadly, I must confess I haven’t had enough days to sample them all, but I can tell just from the ones I have already drank, that the tea itself is delicious. I personally favor peppermint tea, and I will say I have never tasted a better cup of peppermint tea in my life. The flavor is sweet and smooth, with a touch of the minty aftertaste that comes after the first sip.

I like how their boxes list some information about how the tea tastes, where its grown, how long to steep it, what time is best to drink it, how long the water should boil, and if it contains any caffeine. Take note that each sachet can be steeped twice.

Drinking this beverage is like a luxury. I have become a convert when it comes to this brand. I’m not sure if I will ever want to drink regular tea again; or even coffee.

Two Leaves and a Bud, makes their tea from, as the name describes, two leaves and the buds from the plants. The company has received praise and awards from all around the world for their fine tea.

A unique aspect to the company’s tea is their transparent tea sachets. When I first saw them I thought they were very pretty. The transparency gives you a chance to see the lovely textures in the tea and all its rich colors. These sachets are not just for looks, though. They are made of biodegradable cornstarch based nylon, which is much better than the petroleum based nylon bags that take years to disintegrate in the land fills. The sachets are shaped like a pyramid to allow the whole leaves to circulate and infuse properly, which is nice if you don’t care to make loose leaf tea.

Two Leaves and a Bud also has a site where you can purchase their wide selection of boxed or loosed teas and their tea products. There’s this really awesome Cordless Teapot they have featured there, along with mugs, canisters, tea chests, etc. So stop by there and feel free to browse about.

While there, check out their Better Belly, Better Morning and Better Rest. I received the Better Belly sample and it was very good.

On their site, they have T-mail. If you sign up you receive 10% off your purchases and future discounts. Don’t like buying things online? Well that’s okay. The site has a store locater. Type in you’re zip code or city and it will automatically show you a store from within 25 miles of your house.

Thank you for your time in reading this review. I hope you enjoy the tea!

~ F.C.

  You can find two leaves and a bud on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs happily received samples of two leaves and a bud for this review.
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By Darkness Hid: Blood of Kings Book I by Jill Williamson

By Darkness Hid: Blood of Kings Book I 
by Jill Williamson

Summary: A slave and a noble girl embark on a journey of hardships, as  they struggle to comprehend their newfound mind-reading powers.

Thoughts: I love this book. It’s fun, exciting and kept me interested  from page one all the way till the end. While I was reading it, I  couldn’t believe that I had breezed past 490 pages without even a touch  of boredom or fatigue. This book is a “uni-sex” book, where it’s not  written geared toward a male or female demographic but both. I  compliment the author for doing a very good job helping us relate and  understand the two main characters and their mysterious world divided by  Darkness and Light. One realm bears no stars or moon, zero light, this  is the realm of Darkness. Why the world has been split is still  unanswered, but it is or supposedly tied into Bloodvoicing, an ability  to read and communicate with people’s and animal’s minds. With this  being said, the book ends abruptly, even though it’s 490 pages, amazing!  The ending is deserving of a sequel and will never be complete without  it. Consider this book a beginning stage leading up to the second, so  keep an eye out for “To Darkness Fled” for more of this exhilarating  adventure. I’ll be looking forward to it. - F.C.

***** 5 out of 5 stars 
Guest Reviewer: Fawn Carter

To purchase a copy of this book, visit Amazon.com or Christianbook.com

A special thanks to Jill Williamson for providing a free autographed copy from a recent contest online.

Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs won an autographed copy of this book.
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Winners Announced


* Cathy & Marcy's Song Shop presents Meet the Instruments DVDs

Meet the Instruments: Things with Strings! goes to ...
#1 Finamoon said... Little Ditties for Itty Bitties interests me. (Things with Strings!)

Meet the Instruments: Clap & Tap! goes to ...
#2 Susan said... I think my grandkids would like Clap & Tap. My granddaughter (age 5) is in her second year of dance lessons. Her 2 year old brother loves to dance to any music. susan56bft at gmail dot com

I will be emailing you shortly. Thank you all for participating in this contest. Thanks to our sponsors as well.

* Good Earth Giveaway

And the winner is ...

JC said... blogged.http://tcarolinep.blogspot.com/2010/06/giveaway-loving-heart-designs_10.html

tcarolinep at gmail dot com

* Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Brownies/$25 Sam's Club Giveaway

And the winner is ...

Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug} said... I save and share my box tops with families who have school-age children.

What's coming?

I will be reviewing two leaves and a bud Tea Company. Thanks to JumpStart & Wii, I am reviewing the new Wii Game: Get Moving: Family Fitness! Also, I will be reviewing the Febreze Flameless Luminary Starter Kit(No-Spill Wood Diffuser) along with a giveaway of $25 Walmart Gift Card.

Thanks to our sponsors for providing free products for review and for the giveaways.  
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Havin' A Great Summer!

Havin' A Great Summer!

Sand Castle Fun Photo Card photocard
Sand Castle Fun Photo Card by gahome2mom
Browse other Summer Photo Cards
Summer starts Monday, June 21st, 2010 

Happy Birthday, AMERICA!!!
Fireworks Photo Card photocard
Fireworks Photo Card by gahome2mom
custom printed photo cards made at zazzle.com
Independence Day is Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Both of these designs are by my daughter, Fawn. She is just one of my very talented daughters.



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Winner Announced

Happy Father's Day

Congratulations to Mami2jcn ... You are the winner of the $30 Kroger Gift Card
sponsored by My Blog Spark and Kroger Family of Stores(Biggest Looser). I will be emailing you shortly.

Don't feel sad if you did not win! Come on over and sign up for other contests at Loving
Heart Designs. Thanks to all our participants.


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Prolific Blogger Award

What is a Prolific Blogger?

“A Prolific Blogger is one who is intellectually productive… keeping up an active blog that is filled with enjoyable content."

As with all awards, there are also rules recipients must follow, to pass the flame and keep the award going:

1. Each Prolific Blogger must link to the blog
from which he/she has received the award.
2. Every Prolific Blogger must link back to this post, which explains the origins and motivation for the award.
3. Every Prolific Blogger must visit this post and add his/her name in the Mr. Linky, so that we all can get to know the other winners.
4. Every winner of the Prolific Blogger Award has to pass on this award to seven other deserving prolific bloggers. Spread some love!

I want to give this award to the following 7 blogs. These are not listed in any certain order. I enjoy visiting all of these blogs!

  1. Karen of We <3 Mom Bloggers
  2. Janet Fri of Grammy Janet's Place
  3. Erin Cox of Prize-A-Tron and many other blogs
  4. Erin of Connected2Christ Blog
  5. Kristinia of Loving Heart Mommy
  6. Becky of Grandma Becky L's Blog
  7. Crystal of Eccentric Eclectic Woman

Today, Jill of Frugal Plus awarded me with the Prolific Blogger Award. Please drop by and visit Jill. She is a sweetheart. :) Thank you Jill.

Disclaimer: Loving Heart Designs
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Wordless Wednesday

From 2010-06-16


We just got back from Hilton Head, SC. And, boy was it HOT!!! The temperatures ran
99 and above. (Heat Index ran 105 to 115)We had a good time.

Visit more Wordless Wednesday sites. :)


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Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies

Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies

It´s  7 p.m. when your child informs you that they need baked goods to share  with the whole class tomorrow. Sound familiar? How often have you been  hit with the need for last-minute baking when there simply isn´t enough  time? Pillsbury comes to the rescue with Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge  Brownies, available exclusively at Sam´s Club. 

Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies 

Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies

With a  taste as delicious and authentic as if you baked them at home, Pillsbury  Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies are a blend of 3 types of cocoas with  real chocolate syrup and milk chocolate chunks to make a delicious fudgy  brownie-they´re the perfect solution when you´re pressed for time. Add  personal flair to these already-baked brownies with your own  decorations, frosting, caramel or powdered sugar! With a  straight-out-of-the-oven flavor without the time or clean-up, Pillsbury  Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies are a great treat for any occasion!

My Thoughts
My family and I frequently visit our local Sam's Club and have already had the pleasure of eating Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Brownies. They are the easiest and tastiest treat you can buy to share with a small crowd. We do not usually frost our brownies but you can if you like. I did attempt to apply the frosting but it wanted to pick up the brownies crust. I simply wiped the frosting off and served it that way. I hope you will try these delicious brownies soon.

Featured Giveaway

In addition, when purchasing Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge  Brownies at Sam´s Club, you have the chance to support your local  school with Box Tops for Education. Each package of Pillsbury Chocolate  Chunk Fudge Brownies has 6 Bonus Box Tops that can be redeemed to earn  cash for the K-8 school of your choice.

One of Loving Heart Designs readers will have a chance to win the same gift package that I received. Sign up for your chance to win a Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies gift pack that includes $25 Sam´s Club  gift card to use to purchase the brownies, Betty Crocker frosting, and a  large container for transporting the brownies. 

Winner: Cheryl F (emailing soon)

This contest runs from Saturday, June 5th to Sunday, June 20th, 2010 at 11:00 pm EST. This contest is open ages 18 and older, PO Boxes not allowed and USA only. The chosen winner will be contacted by email and has 48 hrs to reply with the requested information that will be sent to our sponsor. The sponsor will be responsible for the shipping or this prize. Thank you. 

Disclaimer: Thanks to Pillsbury for providing Loving Heart Designs with the free products,  information, and gift pack through MyBlogSpark.

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Good EarthTM dry dinner kits

Good Earth TM dry dinner kits

When dinner means tons of pots and pans and mixing or chopping for hours, sometimes dining out seems tempting. Now with new Good Earth TM dry dinner kits, you can have restaurant taste without the restaurant wait and still have a wholesome dinner.

With appetizing entrées from Good Earth, dining in is sure to become the new dining out. Enjoy cooking a sophisticated, restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of your own home. Each variety includes vibrant and flavorful sauces along with specialty ingredients like sweet basil, white wine and dried tomatoes. Delicious dinners that allow you to keep a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing taste, Good Earth dry dinner kits are perfect for whipping up a no-fail, five-star cuisine in less than 30 minutes.

100% whole grain, no trans fat, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, no MSG - just add meat and, voila! Dinner is served.

You will find Good Earth dry dinners in your local supermarket this month. Good Earth dry dinner kits offer a selection of four delectable meals: Mediterranean Chicken with angel hair pasta, Spicy Citrus Glazed Shrimp with angel hair pasta, Herb Crusted Chicken with mushroom risotto and Tuscan Chicken with penne pasta.

Good Earth Mediterranean Chicken with angel hair pasta
General Mills, Inc.

My Thoughts: 

I cooked up a box of the Good Earth Mediterranean Chicken with angel hair pasta last night for my family. It was a quick and simple meal to prepare. I took pictures to show this dish. I know, it looks so good. It tasted great too.

You have the option of using pork tenderloin instead of chicken. Replace the chicken for thinly sliced pork tenderloin. Stir in 1 cup of fresh asparagus or 1 cup of artichoke hearts during the last 3 minutes of cooking. 

Good Earth Mediterranean Chicken dry dinner kit, two sets of bamboo flatware, two bamboo dishes, a bamboo utility board and a 100% recyclable grocery tote.

Starts: Saturday, June 5th, 2010
Ends: Sunday, June 20th, 2010
Open: USA only
Restrictions: No PO Boxes

Tell us which NEW flavor of Good Earth's dry dinner kit would you like to try for dinner soon. Please leave your name and email in the main comment. [To help cut down on spam write your email like the following: gahome2mom(at)gmail(dot)com]

  • Mediterranean Chicken with angel hair pasta
  • Herb Crusted Chicken with mushroom risotto
  • Spicy Citrus Glazed Shrimp with angel hair pasta
  • Tuscan Chicken with penne pasta

Winner:  JC (emailing soon)

This Good Earth contest runs from June 5th to June 20th, 2010. The winner will be chosen at random and notified by email, they must reply with the requested information within 48 hrs. The sponsor is responsible for shipping your prize. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Good Earth provided Loving Heart Designs with the free products, information and gift pack through MyBlogSparkTM.
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