Announcing the Winners 12/06/09

Holiday Gift Guide

Congratulations to ALL of our winners! I will recap the past few giveaways and have included the winners for the December 05, 2009 drawing. I used Random.org to make my selections and posted most of the contests at Prizey.com. (gahome2mom)

Please remember to give the sponsors time to ship your prize or to contact you.  Thank you all for participating in the Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaways at Loving Heart Designs.

Winners 12/01/09 (Contacted & Confirmed)

* Fierce Organic $25(#56 Desiree)
* Piggy Paint(#77 Lynn)
* Simple Green Gift Set(#1 cdziuba)
* Love for Christmas CD(Tonya #4)
* Jump Start Virtual 3D Game - 3 months FREE(andrea v)

Winners 12/02(Contacted & Confirmed)

* BooJee Beads Lanyard Dina
* Great Day by Milkshake CD  bebmiqui
* Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck clallen
* Delicious Design Studio Winter Witch & hollowsins (50% off)

Winners 12/06/09 ( I will be contacting you all soon.)

* Child to Cherish: Crayon Apron #20 Terra H.

* Natural Bath & Body Shop #3 sito50

* the Slanket #108 Roswello

* the Studio #2 Whitney

* VAPUR 3 Won: Anonymous #2, Angela #72 and Jamie #19

* Sweet Arts Design #4 bloomerbear

* tinytongs #4 The Dreamer

Happy Holidays,

Disclaimer: Sponsors provide products for these review and giveaways  for free at Loving Heart Designs. Thank you.
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  1. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! Congrats to everyone :)

  2. Oh, yea! I'll be checking my e-mail every 10 seconds, waiting to pounce on the winner's notice!


  3. You are all welcome. I enjoy my first Holiday Gift Guide of 2009. :) I have emailed everyone now.

  4. soo great I WON THE SLANKET i wanted one soo bad thanks soo much
    i emailed back sunday GREAT


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