Holiday Gift Guide: Redemption Card Game

Redemption Card Game
Reviewed by Danielle
Ages: 7 & up 

My oldest son has discovered something he loves that I can feel great about! While at church camp this summer, my 10 1/2 year old son was introduced to Redemption

The game is described as "a collectible trading card game of biblical adventure. Players use Heroes to rescue Lost Souls, overcoming any Evil Characters that oppose them." There are starter packs, as well as booster (expansion) packs to build your deck. It's basically along the same lines as a Pokemon type game, but with biblical characters and principles. 

My middle son (who is 7) is also really getting into the game and some kids at our church have even started a Redemption club where they get together on Saturday afternoons and play. My oldest son is practicing up to play in the Redemption tournament at church camp next summer. 

I have already started stashing away different booster packs that my boys will be getting for Christmas this year. You can get a great starter pack for about $10.00 and booster packs ranging from $1.00 to $3.00, so it's a great gift that can be added to for birthdays and other special times at a reasonable price. 

You can pick them up at your local Family Christian store or get them at online stores such as at Cactus Game Design, Inc., where you can also read all about what the game is about and get tips for playing. This is just a great game with biblical themes and something that has helped my son become more social with other Christian kids, so it's at the top of my favorite games for kids!

Thanks to Danielle, she is our Special Guest Reviewer for the Holiday Gift Guide. Danielle is mom to three gorgeous little boys. Please take time to visit Danielle's blog and maybe wish them a Merry Christmas. :)

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