Holiday Gift Guide: Nature's Notebook

nature's notebook

Beauty by the Seaside:

Courtney Noelle, founder of Nature's Notebook, has developed a blossoming online store catering to those who love the majesties of the ocean waves and the simplicity of names etched in sand. She has captured the ocean waves beautifully and I applaud her on the Faith picture she took. The crest of the wave in this one image is delightful and truly breathtaking. Just gazing at the picture brings back memories of the ocean's roar and the scent of salty air. 

Some of the Site's Features:

Browsing through Nature's Notebook, you will find a selection of topics ranging from Inspirational, Family, Graduation, New Baby, Wedding and many more. All you do is simply select the topic you wish to have, choose a frame if you wish(or you can just purchase the print and buy your own frame at a store,) select if you want the image in color or black and white, and type in the words you want on the photo/or photos. Once you have submitted your purchase, Noelle will go out to the sea, write in your text and start snapping pictures. You can choose from prints, prints with frames and canvases. Most prints vary from $20.00(2x6) to $450.00(24x30.) Keep in mind this is just an example of the cheapest to the most expensive print sizes. When purchasing a print without a frame $30.00 are subtracted from the price tag. 

nature's notebook

Who Heart Who Photo Sample

These lovely sea-side images will go beautifully in any room of the house and will be appreciated by any age group. The only way these pictures could not be enjoyed is if the person doesn't love the ocean.That aside, check out Nature's Notebook's site, who knows, you might just find the perfect gift for that special someone...Get started, Christmas is approaching!

You can find Nature's Notebook on Twitter @naturesnotebook.

A special thanks to Nature's Notebook & ChicExecs.com for providing this opportunity to share their wonderful products with our readers. I did receive a samples like Faith and Strength to review.

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