Holiday Gift Guide: Pump Gloves

pump gloves

Pump Gloves 

Don't Be A Ditz, Cover Your Mitts

Ever fear pumping gas because of the putrid odor it leaves on your hands? Do you worry about who's touched that handle before you did? Don't want to ruin that manicure? Well never fear, Pump Gloves are here! 

pump gloves

Pump Gloves are a stylish, yet practical product made by Jean Schripper from Laguna Beach, California. The gloves are specially designed to protect women's hands from the nasty germs and smelly gas odors that may come from the task of pumping gas. Soft and comfortable, the gloves come in sizes of small, medium, and large. Each pair is priced at $14.95 and come in three colors, black, white and pink. You can choose from a pair of plain black gloves, white polka-dot black gloves or white polka-dot pink gloves, all of these come with a cute pink bow. When you order your Pump Gloves, they will be sent to you in a chic rectangle box, which is great for presentation and gifting. Also in the package, you will receive a sheer vinyl pouch to store your gloves in. This pouch fits neatly and nicely in your car. The gloves and pouch are machine washable, so no worries there.

Have problems keeping up with your gloves? Well, Pump Gloves has added the nice touch of Velcro to keep the two gloves stuck together at all times. This, ladies, is very helpful, indeed.

Pump Gloves has been featured on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and various other magazines. It's great to know that with every purchase of Pump Gloves, 5% of the profits will be donated to the Princeton Environmental Institute at Princeton University...With all this said and done, all I have left to add is "Don't be a ditz, cover your mitts!"

A special thanks to Pump Gloves & ChicExecs.com for providing this opportunity to share their wonderful products with our readers. I did receive a sample pair of Pump Gloves. Thank you.

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