Holiday Gift Guide: Progressive Puzzles

Progressive Puzzles from Discovery Toys
Reviewed by Danielle 
Ages: 3 & up

Developing motor skills while having fun? I'm all about that for my kids! My youngest son (turning 4 this month) has developed a serious love for puzzles lately and it all started with this great set from Discovery Toys. The set consists of 9 puzzles. Three are 4 piece puzzles (with cute pictures of pets), three are 6 piece puzzles (these have zoo animals on them), and three are 9 piece puzzles (that are pictures of sea creatures)...thus the name, progressive puzzles. The pictures on the puzzles are very vibrantly colored and my son loves "making" the monkey, seahorse, etc. He gets a great sense of accomplishment when he finishes them. They come in a sturdy cardboard case with a handle, so your child can carry them around and only cost $15.00. This is definitely one of the most used "toys" by my youngest son right now and are one of the best purchases I've ever made.

Thanks to Danielle, she is our Special Guest Reviewer for the Holiday Gift Guide. Danielle is mom to three gorgeous little boys. Please take time to visit Danielle's blog and maybe wish them a Merry Christmas. :)

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