Holiday Gift Guide: Pictureka!

Reviewed by Danielle

Our family has a new favorite when it comes to what we play on our family game nights! When I was at the store looking for a new game (since we are all a little tired of playing Sorry and Uno all the time), I saw a game that looked like something completely different from anything we've ever played. I wasn't sure what it would be like or if it would even be any good, but I honestly just wanted to get out of the store, so I grabbed it. What's this game I speak of? It's called Pictureka and it's made by Hasbro!

The game consists of 9 double sided tiles that you put together in the middle of the table. There is a die that has different symbols to tell you what your challenge is going to be, a number die for the times you need to roll to find out how many of something you need to find, a timer and cards to show you what to find and if you need to flip a tile, rotate a tile, or switch with another tile. If you complete the challenge (finding as many things as the die says in the allotted time, being the first to spot the object, etc.) you get the card and are on your way to winning! The first person to get the required number of cards wins! The concept is simple, yet a ton of fun. We laugh the whole time we're playing and especially love the challenge that requires you to find the object first. With everyone frantically looking for it and hoping to be first, there is a fun excitement that we all enjoy.

The game is suggested for ages 6 and up and is for 2 or more players. My husband, myself and our two older boys (ages 10 1/2 and 7) absolutely love it. My youngest son (he'll be 4 this month) isn't quite quick enough yet to win any of the challenges, but he still likes to sit at the table and play along, so it's great for our whole family! I got mine at Target for $17.99, but it is sold pretty much everywhere.

If you're looking for a new game for your family game nights or looking to start family game nights, I highly recommend this game! It would be a great family gift for Christmas that you would all enjoy! Not to mention, they now have several variations of the game, so check it out!

Here's the link to where you can buy it at Target.

Here's a link where you can play a demo of the game and see the commercial for the game.

Thanks to Danielle, she is our Special Guest Reviewer for the Holiday Gift Guide. Danielle is mom to three gorgeous little boys. Please take time to visit Danielle's blog and maybe wish them a Merry Christmas. :)

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