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Petprojekt™  - dogleesh

Birth of Petprojekt™

15 years ago, a fabulous desire to create safe, led-free pet products was born from one family’s love toward a rescued Doberman puppy named Kava. Product Designer, Jason Vap, (President/CEO of Otomik Products, Inc. / Petprojekt™) decided to design pet-friendly products, when he couldn’t find any toys that were safe and affordable for his “furry child.”

“With the scare of Toy Products, Pet Products, and Pet Food being recalled, I really wanted to pursue something I cared about, and to make sure there was something fun, but more importantly safe on the market. Let’s face it, if a product isn’t good enough for your child, why would you give it to your pet? With these things in mind, this begins the birth of Petprojekt™. ”
- Jason Vap
Review of Dogleesh

As a pet owner, it is my aspiration to provide the very best treatment and products for my dog. With Petprojekt’s dogleesh, walking my dog is not as strenuous as it used to be. My one year-old chocolate lab is a bit of a tugger at times and I would always have to pull him back to keep him at my side. Sadly, my nylon leash would hurt my hands after a few tugs. Fortunately Dogleesh has come to the rescue with its easy-to-grip, ergonomic rubber handle. Now my left hand can finally be at peace and me and my doggie can have a more relaxed walk. Dogleesh comes in a variety of colors such as, blue, gray, green, orange, pink and purple and can be purchased at the price of $20.00. 

To Good Health

What’s great about Petprojekt™,  is that all of their products are 100% Lead Free and 100% Cadmium Free. Their squeaky toys are 100% Non Phthalate PVC, discarding the Toxic Chemical known as, Phthalates.

With that all said and done, I encourage you to check out Petprojekt™ site. They have various products ranging from chewy toys, Frisbee, dog bowls/mats, and fragrance charms to hang on your doggie’s collar. This way your pet can play and you can rest assured that his toys are safe as well as durable! 

10/09/2009 Reviewed by Fawn Carter

A special thanks to ChicExecs.com, an extraordinary PR firm that works with kind small businesses like Petprojekt™ to help educate and inform the public.

Disclaimer: Products reviewed at Loving Heart Designs are provided without payment. Thank you.

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