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Nico & Zoe
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nico zoe

Jumbo Jacks in Classic Tin
by Channel Craft   $10.00

Don't you just love classic toys? Nico & Zoe have many wonderful toys that make playtime fun for children of all ages.  At Nico & Zoe's you will find toys listed by age, by Nico's favorite, by Zoe's favorite and many other helpful categories. Besides, the Jumbo Jacks, they have Hopscotch, Skip Rope, and Tiddly Winks in Classic Tins. ($10 each)

Product Features:

Each 5" x 3.5" tins of Jumbo Jack's has the following: 5 Brass and 5 Nickel Jacks, and 2 Red Real Rubber Balls. At only $10, it's a great value. This product is made in the U.S.A. by Channel Craft  of Charlerol, Pennsylvania.

Ages 3 + (If you child still puts things into their mouth, I would not purchase this product until you feel it is safe for them to play with.)

I enjoyed browsing Nico & Zoe's and I am sure you will enjoy visiting there too. Tell them Janet sent ya.

Disclaimer: I received a Jumbo Jacks in Classic Tin to review from Nico & Zoe. Thanks to Chicexecs.com for this opportunity to share new and exciting products.
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