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My children and I have been shopping with my mother-in-law and she usually gets a discount code added to her receipt at J.C. Penney. She is not computer savvy and just laughed it off by saying, “Oh, I save lots of money already”. Well, she could have saved $25 more if she logged online to redeem that discount code.

Want to buy brand names and get BIG savings? Check out the latest in digital coupons and discounts at Coupon Chief. You can save money using coupon codes from top discount stores and popular brands online. You can find your favorite shops from Amazon to Zazzle.

Using coupon codes is a very easy procedure: click and copy/paste the code or jot it down on paper. Then, go shopping at your favorite online store. You can watch the “How it Works!” video for more information.

Begin by signing up for their free e-newsletter or by RSS so you can keep on top of the discounts and new savings codes. You can create a profile on their site, search their easy-to-use search engine, rate a coupon and leave a comment.

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