Bertolli - Complete Skillet Meals for Two

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Slow-roasted pork is paired with sauteed pancetta bacon, tender spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and spiral shaped cavatappi pasta that cooks up al dente. A sauce of pure cream, sherry wine, and fragrant garlic completes this sumptuous dish.


My dear husband decided it was more appropriate to buy Bertolli than a weight loss meal. I can enjoy one serving for under 300 calories. This particular dish consists of only 510 calories for 2 servings (255 calories each). I eat one serving at lunch and save the rest for the next time. It is very easy to prepare and only takes 10 minutes in a covered non-stick skillet on medium heat. I found that Roasted Pork & Cavatappi Pasta is very tasteful and filling meal. Yummy.


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