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Tatutina - alphabet wall letters

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I received a warm letter from Roberta, catalogs of Tatutina products and the following whimsical letters: S, U, M, E, R - from the Wooden Letter Pastel collection. My youngest daughter, Summer, was so thrilled, as was I when the package arrived in the mail. I had not expected they would be so generous with their samples. I immediately took pictures and Summer helped me hang them on her bedroom wall. I think the letters are a great way to teach your preschooler how to spell their names.

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Happy painted gifts for a happy lifestyle

About Company

Tatutina is a small family business out of Attleboro, Massachusetts that began back in 1984. Barbara along with daughters, Roberta and Georgia, strive to bring unique hand painted quality products into our world that reflect a happy and fun lifestyle.

About Product

Tatutina Wooden Letters are approximately 7" tall, with keyhole mount on the back for ease in hanging. Spell a child's name, initials, favorite and/or funny phrase or description, such as "princess", “dog” or "books." The letters are non-toxic and use lead free paint. They are easy to wipe clean. You can coordinate these letters with other fabulous Tatutina fun home accessories. Currently, they are selling two sets: Bright - Wooden Letters and Pastel - Wooden Letters. Each letter costs approximately $6.00.

Tatutina would like to offer you a FREE SHIPPING code to use on their online store.

Online order code: mom

Thanks to ChicExecs.com, an extraordinary PR firm that works with kind small businesses like Tatutina.

Reviewed by Janet Carter

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