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Recently, my family and I went to the mountains in north Georgia. We walked on the trails at Brasstown Bald Mountain. My daughter and I took pictures of the fence post in the area along with many other nature things. I plan to post more photos on our Zazzle site soon. Enjoy! :)

If you would, please tell us one or two of your favorite Bible verses. If you would like to share why it's your favorite, that will be fine too. I love to add scripture to the photos.




Happy Birthday Summer

Happy Birthday to Summer!!!

From Birthday 4th

Summer celebrated her fourth birthday today.
We ate at Moe's Restaurant and visited the Yellow River
Game Ranch
in Lilburn, GA today. She had a swell time.

From Birthday 4th

From Birthday 4th

She liked feeding many of the animals carrots.

From Birthday 4th

She thought she was going to be eaten by one of the sweet lil' cows too. lol

Learning Resources

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Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday - Add your contest or giveaway...
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Michael Farris on Parental Rights

Michael Farris on Parental Rights

Watch Youtube.com Video (Here).

Parental Rights.org - Read the article titled, Nannie in Blue Berets.

Make and post a parental rights video between
Aug. 17 and Sept. 9, and you can win $250.
Click here for details.


Back to School Carnival at Energizer Bunny Mommy Reports

Back to School Carnival at Energizer Bunny Mommy Reports -

Energizer Bunny's Mommy Report is already into day 14 of cool giveaways. She will be having 16 live giveaways too.

Day 1: All Children's Furniture (8/22) X
Day 2: MJM Books (8/22) X
Day 3: Wett Giggles (8/22) X
Day 4: Space makeover consultation + blog feature (8/22) X
Day 5: Hippos and Rhinos dvd (8/22) X
Day 6: MAH Creations (8/22) X
Day 7: The Card Crate (8/22) X
Day 8: Name Your Tune cd (8/22) X
Day 9: Zillionz Money Jar (8/29)
BONUS: Psalty CD or DVD (8/29)
Day 10: Close Encounters of the Third Grade Kind (8/29)
BONUS: Crayola Creativity Cast Kit -week 2 (8/16)
Day 11: Snuggle Time Embroidery (8/29)
Day 12: UV Skinz (8/29)
Day 13: Lets Get Ready to Learn books (8/29)

Day 14: Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer (8/29)
Day 15: Carolina Pads (8/29)
Day 16: Eebee (9/5)
Day 17: It's A Girl Thing! (9/5)
BONUS: Crayola Creativity Kit (8/23)
Day 18: Child to Cherish (9/5)
BONUS: Neat Solutions Inc.-Potty Toppers (9/5)
Day 19: Happy Green Bee (9/5)
BONUS: Barney, Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam DVDS (9/5)
Day 20: BIZCard (9/5)
Day 21: The Couponizer (9/5)
BONUS: The Cheesy Adventures of Capt. Mac-A-Roni (9/5)
Day 22: Nimli (9/5)
Day 23: Zhu Zhu pets (9/12)
Day 24: Warmables (9/12)
BONUS: PakNak (9/12)
Day 25: Skin Free (9/12)

Also, coming next month ~ Food Fest Giveaway from September 7-13th



Back to School Events


August 3rd Back 2 School
Back To School Bash
Back 2 School Blog Bash A family completed

A Frog in My Soup - Back to School Giveaway



Recipes: Egg Rolls

From Blogging

Making Egg Rolls by GAhome2mom

  • 1 pack of egg roll wrappers/won ton skins
  • 1 lbs of ground beef (cook, drain)
  • cabbage (chopped thin)
  • carrots (thin slices)
  • green onions (chopped)
  • soy sauce
  • salt & pepper
  • vegetable oil (frying)
The options are endless. You can add sprouts, mushrooms and other meats or fish if you prefer.

We begin by chopping the head of cabbage into think slices in order to make the pieces small enough to stuff into the skins. Go ahead and cut all the vegetables: carrots, onion and any other that you would like to add to the egg roll.

Next, saute the vegetables in a non-stick pan on medium heat until tender. Add soy sauce, salt and pepper to the mixture. Allow to cool before stuffing into the won ton skins.

As you can see from the photo above, we have an assembly line going on. We use plates for our work area, small bowl of water, spoon for stuffing and long baking pans for aligning the egg rolls once wrapped.

You will find instructions for wrapping on the won ton skin package. We like the triangle shaped egg roll but you can create horizontal shaped ones using different skins.

Warning: Please do not leave the kitchen when cooking egg rolls. Oil becomes hot quickly.

After wrapping the skins, get the oil ready(hot) for frying. Egg rolls cook very fast, almost as fast as it eating them. Be careful not to over cook the egg roll or they can become too hard or even burnt.

You can make your own sauces for dipping too.

We make three family favorites: mustard with soy sauce, honey mustard, and ketchup.

If you have left over egg roll mix, you can freeze it for later. Won Ton skins are microwavable and freezable, too. Egg rolls are best eaten on the day created or they may become soggy or tough.

We hope you enjoy making this family favorite. We learned how to make it from my ex-mother-in-law. She is Japanese.


BOGO 1/2 OFF @ inkubook

BOGO 1/2 OFF inkubook until Monday, August 31, 2009 get a second copy of the same book for half the price. Code SCHOOLDAYS (Code may be used once per customer. Not valid with any other offer or promotion).



Recipe: Hamburger Special

From Recipes

Hamburger Special No. 1
by Janet Coffield

  1. 1 lbs. Ground Beef - Cooked, Drain
  2. Onion - Sliced Thin
  3. Carrots (opt.) Sliced Thin
  4. Mushrooms - Saute
  5. Mushroom Soup
  6. Potatoes - Sliced Thin/Diced
  7. Garlic - A pinch of ready-to-use minced

This meal is usually served with a side of rice.
If using ground beef, saute until no longer pink. You can add soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce to beef. Drain excess fat. Saute chopped onions until transparent. Saute mushrooms along with carrots. Mix ingredients 1 to 3 in one pan.
Open mushroom soup and add one can of water, heat until mixed thoroughly.
Slice about 5 medium sized potatoes with or without skins and layer in a baking casserole dish. Layer the ingredients 1 through 4 over the potatoes and layer more potatoes on top. Do that until all potatoes and other ingredients are used up fully. Then, pour the mushrooms soup mixture over all the ingredients. If there doesn't seem to be enough liquid you can add some milk.
I have made this in the crock-pot too.
Bake at 350 until potatoes are cooked tender when poked with a fork. (About 1 hr and 15 minutes.) Enjoy!

Serving Size:

6 - 8 servings



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Contest: Win Skillet Awake Album

JT is running in cooperation with Inorecords.com and Crossdrivenradio.com that Gives you the chance to win the new Skillet Awake album before you can buy it.

To enter: EMail JT at jtindiepodcast@gmail.com

Add to subject line: skillet awake CD contest

Include the following:

  1. name
  2. full mailing address
  3. email address
  4. phone (optional - if you win)
  5. Twitter
The contest runs until midnight EST on Aug 21st, winner will be announce on the 22nd and the CD will be sent out a.s.a.p.

Good luck everyone.



Summer Bonanza Giveaway

Week 7: August 17-30


Giveaway Wednesday

Notable Book Giveaways:

  1. The White Queen by Philippa Gregory (2 Winners) @ The Book Fairy
  2. Dancing With Ana by Nicole Barker @booktumbling
  3. The Impostor's Daughter: A True Memoir by Laurie Sandell @booktumbling
  4. The Lost Dog by Michelle de Kretster @booktumbling
  5. A Summer of Two Wishes by Julia London @All About {n}
For the kids:

  1. Olive Kids Bookmarks @mommydaddyblog
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My First Birthday

Fcreations(Fawn) has designed a new "My First Birthday" design as a request from her oldest sister for her daughter, Helana. She will be turning one year old this September. Enjoy!

Zazzle Special:

Zazzle has a special $3.00 off for t-shirt purchases this week. Shop Loving Heart Designs or Fcreations.


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Barnes & Noble Free eReader

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Tatutina Review

Tatutina - alphabet wall letters

From Blogging

My Thoughts

I received a warm letter from Roberta, catalogs of Tatutina products and the following whimsical letters: S, U, M, E, R - from the Wooden Letter Pastel collection. My youngest daughter, Summer, was so thrilled, as was I when the package arrived in the mail. I had not expected they would be so generous with their samples. I immediately took pictures and Summer helped me hang them on her bedroom wall. I think the letters are a great way to teach your preschooler how to spell their names.

From Blogging

Happy painted gifts for a happy lifestyle

About Company

Tatutina is a small family business out of Attleboro, Massachusetts that began back in 1984. Barbara along with daughters, Roberta and Georgia, strive to bring unique hand painted quality products into our world that reflect a happy and fun lifestyle.

About Product

Tatutina Wooden Letters are approximately 7" tall, with keyhole mount on the back for ease in hanging. Spell a child's name, initials, favorite and/or funny phrase or description, such as "princess", “dog” or "books." The letters are non-toxic and use lead free paint. They are easy to wipe clean. You can coordinate these letters with other fabulous Tatutina fun home accessories. Currently, they are selling two sets: Bright - Wooden Letters and Pastel - Wooden Letters. Each letter costs approximately $6.00.

Tatutina would like to offer you a FREE SHIPPING code to use on their online store.

Online order code: mom

Thanks to ChicExecs.com, an extraordinary PR firm that works with kind small businesses like Tatutina.

Reviewed by Janet Carter


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Back to School at 5 Minutes for Books

5 Minutes for Books Giveaways:
  1. One U.S. resident will win a set of Tell Me a Story cards.
  2. Three readers (U.S. and Canada) will win their choice for four PakNak charms.
  3. One reader (U.S. only) will win a Homework Helpster and Vocabulary Power flipbook of her choice.
  4. Five readers (U.S. only) will win a set of four Otter and Owl "I Can Read" books.


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Sew Cute Shop Amy Butler Birdie Sling GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Sew Cute Shop Amy Butler Birdie Sling GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!


Mom Talk with 3 Kids and Us Giveaways

Mom Talk with 3 Kids and Us:

Back to School Giveaways -

  1. Hit the Road with a Subway Car Kit
  2. Scotts Common Sense
  3. Bumkins
  4. Crayola
  5. TJ Maxx & Marshalls
  6. Yoplait Whips

Birthday Bash and Back to School Giveaways

A family completed A family completed

Birthday Bash & BACK to SCHOOL with A Family Completed:

Day 1: Umi Shoes

Day 2: Get Dolled Up Boutique $15 GC

Day 3: Sid the Science 3 DVDs

Day 4: Plasma Car

Day 5: Tail Wags - Children Bike Helmet

Day 6: U*Neaks Shoes and 2 pair of socks - Sponsor - U*neaks Ends Sept 9th


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Winners of Hachette Books

Hi, I have just found out that some of the books have not been received by the winners for the following books:

When Time Comes by Paula Span and Right on the Money by Pat Robertson's Audio Book.

I have contacted Valerie at Hachette Book Groups and she is checking into it for us.

Thank you for your patience.


Disney Homeschool Days

September 21 and 22, 2009
For More Information - Here!
Tickets range from $58.89 and up ...


Wacky Wednesday

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Back to School Sale - 50% off 2 posters

Back to School Sale - Week 2!
Buy 1 Poster Get 1 FREE! (50% off 2+ posters)

Southern Magnolia Poster print
Southern Magnolia Poster by gahome2mom
Browse other Southern magnolia Posters

gahome2mom (Loving Heart Designs) is a gallery at Zazzle where my
daughters and I post our artwork and photography.
Please drop by and visit us sometimes.

Fcreations is my daughter Fawn's gallery at Zazzle.
She is sixteen years old.

ellybean is one of my oldest daughters.
She has a wonderful gallery at Zazzle too.

We appreciate your comments and suggests. Thank you.



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PakNaks® Review

PakNaks® http://www.paknak.com/

From Blogging

PakNaks® is a mom-owned business based in Portland, Oregon. They created fashionable and fun decorative 3D accessories for kids(All ages) to display on their backpacks, headbands, notebooks, computer bags, lamps and so much more. They have over 40 awesome designs ($3.99 each). Each of the PakNaks® are interchangeable and come with Fuzzy Coins(Velcro) which you can purchase extra for only 2/$1.00. Each of the PakNaks® are shipped with an easy to follow instruction sheet.

Open. Peel. Stick. Style.

PakNaksJust in time for Back to School

I was sent two
PakNaks® to review: Kyla Jane and Martin. I stuck Kyla Jane - the butterfly, on my daughter's backpack. (see above) Since, I have several daughters, they won't have to fuss about sharing with the extra Fuzzy Coins.

Kyla Jane(Collector Card)

Home: Leaf City Apartments
Favorite Food: Cupcakes
Best Friend: Sprinkles
Favorite Activity: Wind Surfing

PakNaks® are so much fun. Kids can change the designs depending on their mood each day. Also, parent's don't worry because there is no sewing, ironing or pinning required. You will find many fun designs at PakNaks® to pick from. Why not visit them today?

Watch a Demo of PakNaks® || Youtube Video
Blog :: Twitter :: Facebook @PakNak :: Flickr

* Warning: Not intended for children 3 years and under.
* Not intended for painted surfaces, leather or suede.

Thanks to Chic Execs a company which was created to promote small business campaigns, I’m was able to let you know about this product. And thanks to PakNaks® for this opportunity.

Glam Shirts Contest

From Blogging

Recently, I won a cool custom rhinestone t-shirt from Glam Shirts and My Moms View - Lynette. I chose a red Bella Ladies 1x1 Baby Rib Knit V-Neck Tee - 1005 with crystal rhinestones. They added the sweet lil' hearts above the letter "i". They did a wonderful job creating "Loving Heart Designs" for me. What do you think?

Want your own? Glam Shirts has a contest running until August 16th, 2009 at Facebook and Twitter. Come join in on the fun. :)

From Blogging



My Cooking Is To Die For

Back to School Sale - Week 1
40% off skateboards, 20% off bags, and 10% off mugs!

Great News!!!

Announcing Fawn's new gallery at Zazzle - Fcreations! She has posted her layout and is posting new designs. Be sure to join her fan club. Thanks.