Classy Nail Files

Classy Nail Files

Wow! I am definitely in love with glamorous Classy Nail Files. No longer will I waste my money on the inferior emery boards and metal ones sold at the local department stores. I had two particular nails that often got snagged on fabrics or the bedding; even after I had filed them down. Ugh!

Thanks to Classy File Nails, I have been rescued. I know it may sound cheesy but I’m not fibbing. Your nails will thank you.

You will find a over 100 different crystal and hand-painted designs by local artists in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Classy File Nails sent me two samples to try out. I received the following:

* Vibrant Colors Green/Blue - Small size 3 ½” perfect for infants & small children; great for your purse or pocket.

* Hand-painted Crystal Blue Whale - Medium size 5 ½” most popular size

And they carry a Large size 7 ½” - Great for pedicures - Thicker and more coarse, great for feet - cracked heels, bunions, callous, and diabetics.

These double-sided files are easy to clean, just run under water! These files are not only eco-friendly and last forever(74% stronger than ordinary glass) but healthier than regular emery boards and metal files. These files are guaranteed to never wear out!

Classy Crystal Nail Files Facts & Features:

• All files are double-sided.
• Files can be sterilized with heat, autoclave, liquid and UV lighting.
• Files can be used on natural or artificial nails. Dipping the file in water while using on artificial nails is recommended.
• The filing surface is created out of the file body, thus it will never wear out.
• Gives nails a remarkably flawless edge that's free of rough spots. Using the file on a regular basis, chipping and peeling of the nail will be reduced.
• The files are hardened, making it 74% stronger than common glass. Because they are glass, care still must be used with the file.
• Environmentally friendly in construction and use

For quality, longevity and fabulous design, choose Classy Crystal nail files for the finish of a lifetime. See the FAQ section for more information. Are they dishwasher safe? Yes.

Classy Nail Files are sold in many gift shops, boutiques, spas, florists, Hallmark stores and hospital gift ships and pharmacies. This is an American made product too.

Enter for a chance to win a “Flawless Finish Spa Kit” at Classy Nail Files!

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Reviewed by Janet Carter
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