Winners Announced

Congratulations! Winners Announced for contests at GAhome2mom and Loving Heart Designs.

I will be emailing you for your information soon. The sponsors will be shipping the prizes for these contests. If I don't hear from the winners within 48 hrs, a new reader will be chosen. Thanks to the sponsors and all the participants.

Loving Heart Designs

1. Cheerios Spoonful of Stories - Prizey judibrittle
2. Layers Clothing - Prizey coriwestphal

GAhome2mom Reviews & Giveaways

The Art of Compassion by Martin Smith - Prizey (nightowl)
5 Winners ... Since there were only 5 separate submissions, all 5 readers won a copy.

Congratulations! * ellybean * nightowl * Kristinia * Finamoon * nfmgirl

When you read this book, please submit a review online. Share it with us. :)

Current Giveaways:

* Win a Pearl Mug and Cascade Stainless Steel Bottle from Pacific Cornetta.
* 5 winners - The Power to Change Today by Gregory Dickow.

Also, please make note that Loving Heart Designs now has changed it's link (new domain) at http://www.lovingheartdesigns.com .

If you have a button on your sidebar, please edit the link.



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