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Happy TGIF!!!

Today, I did great by being younger than my actual age. lol I began this morning with only 10 minutes of Yoga. Then , the girls and I went for a quick walk in the neighborhood. We get a freaked when strangers drive through our area. My weight is being stable. I still need to make better choices about snacking. We always have nuts, trail mix, granola, and fruits. The problem is when my husband goes to the Russell Stovers Outlet and brings home a box of Bloopers chocolate for Mother's Day. Yikes and Yum all in one. lol I hope all you Wii Mommies are doing much better. Have a great weekend.

Smiles ~ gahome2mom

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  1. Hey...any success is SUCCESS!! It sounds like you have healthy snacks most of the time! Make sure to measure out your snacks...I am the WORST when it comes to trail mix or mixed nuts...the serving sizes are so small that I go overboard way to easily :)

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. I was just talking about that with my husband. My parents just came to visit and they fill my house with junk food. While I'm grateful they're spending money to put food in my home, I wish it wasn't my favorite snacks, because I'm fighting hard to resist them!

  3. One day at a time! Baby steps if you will. You are doing great.

  4. oh those husbands...you gotta love them!

  5. I hear you there on hubby bringing that heaven home in a bag. Keep up the good work. You are doing awesome.


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