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"Cayla" the NEW Lens Sleeve GIVEAWAY at Wicked Stitch Designs - Custom Bags and Accessories.

To enter this giveaway review the size options below and choose the 3 sizes you think would be the most popular & useful. Post a comment with your size 3 choices & why you chose them. Also, if you see a size not listed that you think would be useful, please feel free to list it too.

Size Options (my bags have round bottoms):

3.5" W (diameter) x 6" H
3.5" W x 8" H
4" W x 9" H
4" W x 10" H
5" W x 7" H

The contest ends April 30th, 2009. The winner will get to select 2 bags & have the option to customize them by choosing from any fabric on equilter.com (under $10/yd). Only 1 fabric choice is allowed and both bags will be constructed from that print.

Be sure to include your email address, because it is how Wicked Stitch Designs will get in contact with the winner.

Also, check out her Etsy.com store: Wicked Stitch Designs.

Twitter: @gahome2mom
PR Welcome :)


  1. 4x9, 4x10, 5x7. I feel these sizes are more versatile.

  2. This is just a posting to guide you to the contest page. I am not actually having these items as a giveaway. Please visit the links in the post. Thank you. :)

    Happy TGIF!


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