Mama Makes Money Girly Giveaway Extravaganza

Mama Makes Money Girly Giveaway Extravaganza!

* Win a $20 gift card to Janey Mac Press (Ends 4/23)
* Win a Journal from Destaspages (Ends 4/23)
* Win a $15 gift card from Bangerang Bake Shop (Ends 4/23)
* Win a $10 gift card from Shana Logic (Ends 4/23)
* Win a Face Smoothing Gel or Weekend Sampler Kit from Become Beauty (Ends 4/23)
* Win a Fairytale Dozen from Fairytale Brownies (Ends 4/23)
* Win a Set of 3 Purses Vinyl Decal from WordCandy Vinyl (Ends 4/23)
* Win a brown Golla laptop sleeve from Kolobags (Ends 4/23)
* Win a pocket mirror from iszle (Ends 4/25)
* Win a $20 gift card to Running with Scissors (Ends 4/25)
* Win a $25 gift card to mybodibar.com (Ends 4/25)
* Win a pair of guitar pick earrings from The Jewelry Dream (Ends 4/30)
* Win a trio of eyeshadows or foundation from Beauty by Saria (Ends 4/30)
* Win a lipstick and lipgloss from Marina Cosmetics (Ends 4/30)
* Win a Simply Chic or Eye Candy Collection from Carolina Pad (Ends 4/30)
* Win a Nikita Lynn 3 Piece Cosmetic Bag Set (Ends 5/7)
* Win a bracelet and necklace from Sparkle-Plenty (Ends 4/27)
* Win a shapewear item of your choice from n-fini Shape (Ends 5/2)
* Win a Mixbaby headband (Ends 5/9)
* Win a $35 gift card to studio jk vinyl (Ends 5/1)

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