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Last month, I was one of the winners at the WiiMommies Twitter Party. I won Wii Ski & Snowboard(See Video) and Wii Extreme Sports Kit. (Baseball/Racquet/Golf Club/Wheel)My girls give the wheel an A+. This was all dandy but we didn't have a Wii Board. We had a little trouble locating one in the stores around here. My dear hubby finally found it in stock at our local Wal*mart store.

As to date, I have finally made it to day 30. I set a very low goal at first. lol I didn't want a big disappointment. I have enjoyed opening all of the yoga poses. I tried the running on day one. I haven't done that since. My heart felt like it would burst. My error was that I kept running ahead of the Wii runner. lol I decided to take it slow and easy.

As days went by, I combined the yoga with strength exercises. I am not great at balancing on one foot yet. The hula hoop is fun but I usually save one of the games for last because I want to do the yoga first. I try to do at least 30 minutes. I get to add activities to the log when I do chores or go walking with the kids.

We have other Wii games that the girls and I enjoy playing. I enjoy bowling and Super Swing Golf Season 2. I haven't tried Mario Kart yet.

*** Enter to win EA Sports Active at WiiMommies. The contest ends April 26th, 2009.

~ gahome2mom

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  1. Glad you are enjoying your wii fit and the new games! Sorry I was on vacation and didnt do fitness friday the week this was posted...catching up though.


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