Sisterhood Award

When I checked my blog this morning, I had a wonderful post from Annie @ Annie's Home. She has let me know in the most wonderful way that I am one of her blog friends. I in return will pick 7 of my blog friends (like flowers) to share the award with as well. Please follow our example and pick 7 friends and send them the "Sisterhood Award" too. :) Have fun!

Annie is mom to six children. She loves thrift stores and consignment shops. She likes both selling and buying and learning new ways to save money. She always has great giveaways too.

1. Erin @ Connected2Christ Blog - Mom of 1
2. Kristinia @ Loving Heart Mommy Blog - Mom of 3
3. Jocelyn @ A Pondering Heart - Sister to 4 sisters & 3 brothers :)
4. Janet @ Grammy Janet's Place - Mom of 1 and Gma to twin granddaughters
5. Mom2Boys @ MommyWorld - Mom of 2
6. Shannon @ Shannon Blogs Here - Mom of 1
7. Andrea @ MommainFlipFlops - Mom of 2 plus 1 ;)
8. Gena @ The Morris Bunch - Mom of all girls :)

Twitter: @gahome2mom


  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful award. I will repost this sometime today


  2. Congrats to all the wonderful bloggers. One of my favorite awards.

    Hope your having a wonderful day!


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