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Clean & Green Disposables
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Classy Kids, Inc.

My family and I had the chance to review many of the Clean & Green products from the Clean & Green Juvenile section at Classy Kids, Inc. We were excited to see all the wonderful products. My daughter got very excited when I opened the box and she saw the coloring placemats and crayons. She couldn’t wait for our next outing. We planned to take several of the products with us as we went to the mall that week. We made plans to eat at the Food Court.

What a great way to keep your kids happy when going to restaurants! My daughter enjoyed using the Keep Me Coloring Placemats and the CrayAngles™ Triangular Crayons. The placemats are easy to use, cute and fun. Also, I like that the crayons won’t roll off the table and onto the dirty floor.

Earth Friendlier – Breaks down in months, not decades!

I was so happy to get the Keep Me Healthy™ Potty Protectors, too. I have always dreaded going shopping and to have my daughter sit on the germy toilets without protection. We would normally try to go before leaving home. The protectors are soft, waterproof and biodegradable. The protector drapes over front & sides where kids hold on. And it won’t slip because of the grip strips that hold it in place.

I didn’t get to try the hand sanitizers but I know they would be great for potty break while shopping. The Potty Protectors are not just for kids!

I received the following products: (You Could Win This Too!)

· 20pc. Keep Me Coloring Germ Defense Placemats (CrayAngles™ Triangular Crayons) -
· 20pc. Keep Me Clean Disposable Bib Package
· 10pc. Public Potty Protectors
· 20pc. Keep Me Clean Disposable Bib Package
· 8pc. Changing Table Cover
· 75pc. Keep Me Tidy Diaper Sacks

All of the Clean and Green Disposables are environmentally degradable.

“Environmentally Degradable means that when exposed to natural processes, this product will break down into tiny pieces that will eventually convert back to earth. Also, this packaging is made from EVA, which does not give off chlorine in its production like PVC does.”

Germ Defense Facts

4 out of 5 illnesses are spread by touch. ~ Center for Disease Control

Are you living in FEAR of germs?

90% of mothers are concerned about germs. ~ British & Internal Survey Results

Classy Kids, Inc is an advocate for personal Germ Defense strategies and they provide products to help you find healthful hygiene.

Classy Kids, Inc. has Arts & Crafts, Boo-Boo Care, Clean & Green, Disposable Feeding and Travel, Reusable Feeding and Travel, and Sanitizers.
Classy Kids, Inc. also has the following products: Foodservice, Health Care, and Juvenile.

Overall, I am very impressed with Classy Kids, Inc. They are an eco-friendly company that cares about you and the environment. The products are affordably priced too. Be sure to check your favorite drug store or department for Classy Kids, Inc. products.

Guess what? Classy Kid Products is giving one Loving Heart Designs reader a chance to win every Clean & Green products that I got to review! This is a BIG prize! Estimated Value of $60.00. (See the 6 products listed above)
Winner~ #1 Valerie2350 ... Whether someone becomes ill depends on the type of germs, number of germ cells acquired, and the person’s immune system strength.

Go to Classy Kids, Inc and read, “Did you know? Test your basic Germ Defense knowledge”. Come back and tell me one of the facts mentioned on the facts or myths section. (Facts only)

Review by Janet Carter 03/17/2009
Content supplied by Classy Kids, Inc.

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