Read and Share DVD Bible Volume 1

Read and Share DVD Bible Volume 1
Read by Gwen Ellis
Illustrated by Steve Smallman

Share the joy and wonder of God's Word with the children in your life.

As a first time reviewer for the Thomas Nelson Book Reviewers, I choose the Read and Share DVD Bible: Volume 1 by Gwen Ellis, Illustrated by Steve Smallman.

The Read and Share DVD Bible was refreshing as well as enlightening. My children and I watched the whole DVD at one sitting. The DVD is perfect for short devotional times with any young one. My 3 year old was excited to see each and every story. She even had a few questions; I was more than happy to answer. The illustrations by Steve Smallman are an added bonus to this DVD. The graphics have a cell shaded watercolor appearance to them. They are very colorful and capture the attention of the viewers, especially the young ones.

Volume 1 of the Read and Share DVD Bible consists of 13 stories from both the Old Testament and New Testament: "The Beginning", "Adam & Eve", "The Flood", "Abram", "Isaac & Rebekah", "Jacob & Esau", "Rachel", "Jacob & God", "John the Baptist", "Jesus is Born", "Jesus is Tempted", "Jesus Love Children", and "One Lost Sheep".

Where to purchase this DVD: (Retails $14.99) Currently you can purchase it at Christianbook.com $10.99. That is a full $4.00 savings! Wow! You can also find it at many Christian bookstores, Barnes & Nobel, Amazon and other online stores. I rated this 5 stars!

One of my favorite Bible Verses: "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." 3rd John 1:4.

Review by Janet Carter

Loving Heart Designs
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Wednesday Reflections!

Loving Heart Designs

Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.
Hebrews 12:1

Good Day! I am so sore from working out with the Wii. lol The girls and I have been hard at work doing the Yoga and other neat activities on the Wii. Do you have one? I won the We Ski at Wii Mommies. I haven't got it yet. I am looking forwards to getting it and working out with the girls.

I also try to walk with the girls every day or so. I really need to loose my excess weight. I want to have more energy and shed pounds.

Have a great Wednesday! :)

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Sisterhood Award

When I checked my blog this morning, I had a wonderful post from Annie @ Annie's Home. She has let me know in the most wonderful way that I am one of her blog friends. I in return will pick 7 of my blog friends (like flowers) to share the award with as well. Please follow our example and pick 7 friends and send them the "Sisterhood Award" too. :) Have fun!

Annie is mom to six children. She loves thrift stores and consignment shops. She likes both selling and buying and learning new ways to save money. She always has great giveaways too.

1. Erin @ Connected2Christ Blog - Mom of 1
2. Kristinia @ Loving Heart Mommy Blog - Mom of 3
3. Jocelyn @ A Pondering Heart - Sister to 4 sisters & 3 brothers :)
4. Janet @ Grammy Janet's Place - Mom of 1 and Gma to twin granddaughters
5. Mom2Boys @ MommyWorld - Mom of 2
6. Shannon @ Shannon Blogs Here - Mom of 1
7. Andrea @ MommainFlipFlops - Mom of 2 plus 1 ;)
8. Gena @ The Morris Bunch - Mom of all girls :)

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Friends Award!

Friends Award

MommyWorld - mom2boys awarded me and several other sweet bloggers this award! :) She a sahm wife and the mommy of two boys - ages 5 and 18 months. She is a Partylite consultant too. (Candles)

So along with these awards comes some rules ... here they are ...
Rules do accompany this honor:"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award." .

1. Annie @Shop Annies/Annies Home - Mom of 6
2. Jenny @ Our Nifty Notebook - Mom of 2
3. Holly & Mindy @ Mommies With Cents - Holly has 2 & Mindy has 3
4. Finamoon @ Eccentric Eclectic Woman Blog - Mom of 4
5. Kathleen @KatydidandKid - Mom of 1 son
6. Susan @ Life in a House of Blue - Mom of 3 boys
7. Deb @ Just a Moms Take on Things/Momof3Girls - Mom of 3 daughters
8. Maggie @ DextersSuperSavvyMommy - Mom of 1 son

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Classy Kids, Inc. Review & Giveaway!!!

Classy Kids, Inc. Clean & Green
“Making Children's Health & Hygiene Easy and Fun!”

Clean & Green Disposables
All the convenience of disposables, Plus better for the environment!

Classy Kids, Inc.

My family and I had the chance to review many of the Clean & Green products from the Clean & Green Juvenile section at Classy Kids, Inc. We were excited to see all the wonderful products. My daughter got very excited when I opened the box and she saw the coloring placemats and crayons. She couldn’t wait for our next outing. We planned to take several of the products with us as we went to the mall that week. We made plans to eat at the Food Court.

What a great way to keep your kids happy when going to restaurants! My daughter enjoyed using the Keep Me Coloring Placemats and the CrayAngles™ Triangular Crayons. The placemats are easy to use, cute and fun. Also, I like that the crayons won’t roll off the table and onto the dirty floor.

Earth Friendlier – Breaks down in months, not decades!

I was so happy to get the Keep Me Healthy™ Potty Protectors, too. I have always dreaded going shopping and to have my daughter sit on the germy toilets without protection. We would normally try to go before leaving home. The protectors are soft, waterproof and biodegradable. The protector drapes over front & sides where kids hold on. And it won’t slip because of the grip strips that hold it in place.

I didn’t get to try the hand sanitizers but I know they would be great for potty break while shopping. The Potty Protectors are not just for kids!

I received the following products: (You Could Win This Too!)

· 20pc. Keep Me Coloring Germ Defense Placemats (CrayAngles™ Triangular Crayons) -
· 20pc. Keep Me Clean Disposable Bib Package
· 10pc. Public Potty Protectors
· 20pc. Keep Me Clean Disposable Bib Package
· 8pc. Changing Table Cover
· 75pc. Keep Me Tidy Diaper Sacks

All of the Clean and Green Disposables are environmentally degradable.

“Environmentally Degradable means that when exposed to natural processes, this product will break down into tiny pieces that will eventually convert back to earth. Also, this packaging is made from EVA, which does not give off chlorine in its production like PVC does.”

Germ Defense Facts

4 out of 5 illnesses are spread by touch. ~ Center for Disease Control

Are you living in FEAR of germs?

90% of mothers are concerned about germs. ~ British & Internal Survey Results

Classy Kids, Inc is an advocate for personal Germ Defense strategies and they provide products to help you find healthful hygiene.

Classy Kids, Inc. has Arts & Crafts, Boo-Boo Care, Clean & Green, Disposable Feeding and Travel, Reusable Feeding and Travel, and Sanitizers.
Classy Kids, Inc. also has the following products: Foodservice, Health Care, and Juvenile.

Overall, I am very impressed with Classy Kids, Inc. They are an eco-friendly company that cares about you and the environment. The products are affordably priced too. Be sure to check your favorite drug store or department for Classy Kids, Inc. products.

Guess what? Classy Kid Products is giving one Loving Heart Designs reader a chance to win every Clean & Green products that I got to review! This is a BIG prize! Estimated Value of $60.00. (See the 6 products listed above)
Winner~ #1 Valerie2350 ... Whether someone becomes ill depends on the type of germs, number of germ cells acquired, and the person’s immune system strength.

Go to Classy Kids, Inc and read, “Did you know? Test your basic Germ Defense knowledge”. Come back and tell me one of the facts mentioned on the facts or myths section. (Facts only)

Review by Janet Carter 03/17/2009
Content supplied by Classy Kids, Inc.

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What's Happening Monday!

* Win Skin MD Natural! ends 3/25 @gahome2mom

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~ Coming Soon ~ Classy Kids, Inc.

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Win $20 Gift Card from Oliver's Labels!

Oliver’s Labels
How kids’ stuff finds its way home!

Oliver’s Labels are an essential product for any parent with children going to school and camp. Their labels stick adhesively on most anything and it helps keep it out of the lost-and-found.

Oliver's Labels

WOW! NO iron, NO sew Labels.

Stick-eez™ Clothing Labels. Oliver’s Labels has launched a new product called Stick-eez™ Clothing Labels. As if their Iron-on Clothing Labels weren't easy enough to apply – now they've made them even easier. Stick-eez™ labels are applied to the care tag of your garment without any need for sewing or ironing – just peel and stick. Stick-eez™, like all of their wonderful products, is offered in beautiful full color designs and is completely durable.

Uses: Apply your new Stick-eez™ labels to any clothing with a tag including t-shirts, pants, underwear, gym clothes, snow pants and jackets. They are especially, useful for clothing that can't use iron-ons such as items with nylon shells.

Features: Thin, flexible, high-performance material with super-strong adhesive and high quality, full-color printing. Made to go in the washing machine and dryer.

And what a value, you get 70 labels for only $19.99.

FREE Lost and Found Service

Found-It™. Oliver’s Labels are the only company with Found-It™ - their exclusive online lost-and-found. Found-It™ code is what sets Oliver’s Labels apart from all the other labels. The service is free exclusively to Oliver’s Labels customers. They developed it as a way for people to keep track of their personal items without sharing their personal information with others (for example, a phone number or address printed on the labels). You can read more about Found-It™ it at www.oliverslabels.com/foundit.

In addition to their Found-It™ code, they have other things that set them apart from other kids label companies. They have full-color graphics in a wide variety and selection. They use a special method that guarantees the image will not wear off. In other words, your child’s labels will look as beautiful in 5 years as it did when you first stuck it on. Furthermore, all of the machines they use in the production of Oliver’s Labels are completely eco-friendly.

Helen from Oliver’s Labels generously sent me samples of their wonderful products. She sent 5 Original Labels, 5 Mini Labels, 1 pair of Shoe Labels and the new Stick-eez™ Clothing Labels.

I was excited when the personalized samples arrived. My 3 year old could not wait to apply Oliver’s Labels to her shoes and other items. The labels also came with the Found-It™ code printed on them. If my child looses her things, all I have to do is go to Found-It™ at Oliver’s Labels and put in my email address.

Oliver’s Labels come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. My daughter and I chose the Animal Faces designs (dog, cat, pig, rabbit, cow and sheep). They have Original, Mini, Shoe, Iron-on, Large Bag Tag, Small Bag Tag and the new Stick-eez™. They also have gift cards starting at only $20.

I don’t believe you can find a greater value with such quality. I hope you will take the time to visit Oliver’s Labels and read for yourself how wonderful their products really are.

Special: Free shipping in US and Canada on all orders over $30.


Oliver's Labels wants to mark and protect some of your stuff! They want to offer one My Organized Chaos readers a $20 gift certificate to their store!

TO ENTER: Go to Oliver's Labels and pick the labels you need most. Tell which product AND design you'd like to have.

For Additional Entries do one or all of the following:
(but leave a separate comment for each, include your email!)

~ Follow Me - Publicly (1 Extra)
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** Twitter daily for an extra chance to win. Come back each day to post your Tweet. :)

You can use the following:
RT Win $20 GC Oliver's Labels @gahome2mom http://tinyurl.com/dfyd5r

***Non-Bloggers: Of course you can enter too! Make sure you leave me your email address in your comment. And if you have a profile on Blogger, make sure it is set to PUBLIC.

If I have no way to contact you, I will have to choose another winner.

The contest ends March 31, 2009. This contest is open for US and Canada Only!

Review by Janet Carter 03/16/2009

Credits: Oliver's Labels

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Blog Swing! A Kindred Spirit's Thoughts

A Kindred Spirit's Thoughts

I'm so thrilled to be a part of the Wii Mommies Blog Swing and guest posting here at Loving Heart Designs! I love making new friends so this is right up my alley. :-)

A little bit about me:

I'm Lindsey, a happily married Christian WAHM to my sweet (if I do say so myself) 10-month-old daughter, Emma. I decided I had to have a Wii Fit when I came across the Wii Mommies blogs and was so impressed and motivated by Julie's weight loss story! My husband and I got ourselves a Wii and Wii Fit for Christmas this last year and ever since then it's just been too much fun! I've lost most of my post-pregnancy weight and love that I can keep myself fit using a game like this. It's simply inspired!

Getting (and STAYING) Motivated

I just want to share some of the things that have helped me stay motivated to work out on the Wii Fit - it has NOT been easy. I have my ups and downs, and things that set me back in my routine, of course. But it's nice to have motivators to fall back on.

♥ Get involved with a support group (I can definitely recommend the Wii Mommies, I love them! And it's not just for mommies either... even daddies have joined!) and stay involved!

The Wii Mommies have a forum so we can all interact. Sometimes I forget to check and see what's going on and what scores people are making on the workouts. It's amazing how that little bit of competition gets you motivated! You should have seen me during the Wii Olympics - that was SO much fun (and I won a cool Wii Fit tote bag, too!)!

♥ Try to keep to your workout routine.

Okay, this is the hardest for me. Seriously, I have to get up prettttty early in the morning to be up before my baby awakens and then she's so clingy! And I swear she has radar. No matter how quiet I'm being, she KNOWS when mommy is up and about. Still, I've found that I feel so much better about myself when I keep exercising, whether I feel like it at first or not. Listen to me using my sweet, angelic baby girl as an excuse not to exercise! Shame on me!

♥ Make sure everyone in your family knows that you need time to work out.

It can be hard what with kids asking for their turn (or babies crying), chores needing to be done, dinner on the stove... it's okay to ask for a little help! I need to practice what I'm preaching here and ask my husband to help with the baby once in awhile. :-) Losing weight and keeping fit is so important to feeling good and maintaining energy - this should be important enough for everyone to chip in and help out with! (Cuz when momma ain't happy...)

♥ Find something that helps you feel energized!

For me, it's peppermint oil! It smells so good and fresh and when I put it on my neck below my hairline it somehow helps me feel less stressed and more focused. I highly recommend it (for headaches, too). Some mornings it's so hard to get going, and this helps me. Coffee helps me, too - but I don't recommend you do what I did and drink a lot right before doing the ten-minute hula hoop workout. Can you say CRAMPS? Yow!

This is the peppermint oil I use, from Young Living. They recommend you "Inhale Peppermint oil before and during a workout to boost your mood and reduce fatigue." I like applying it, though, because I can feel it (it tingles a bit) and the scent stays with you.

So, how do you "energize" before a workout?

Wii Mommies Cool Guide

"Get Lucky" with #Wiimoms Twitter Party and Win Prizes:

1. Sarah at Real Life Blog is giving away a copy of Wii Ski Game and a Wii Sports accessory pack. ~Winner Gahome2mom~ :) (ME) Thanks!!!

2. Cynthia at Good Enough Witch is giving away Jillian Michael's Fitness Ultimatum and a Wii Remote dual charge station. ~ Winner Andreah~ :)

3. Julie at Cool Mom Guide has a My Fitness Coach and a Wii Sports accessory pack. Winner ~shawnmh~

4. Jenn at The Coupon Coup will be giving away a copy of Nintendo's Dance, Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 2... including a Dance Pad AND a Wii Fit Silicone cover during the "Get Lucky" with #Wiimoms Twitter Party all from our great friends at AceBeach!

5. Also, register to win the GRAND PRIZE of a Wii Fit, Wii Fit Silicone Cover and Battery Pack from AceBeach.com from the Wii Mommies at the Cool Mom Guide to Fitenss. Winner ~Kindred_spirit~

Notice: This post is for the Wii Mommies contest. Lindsey is a guest poster at Loving Heart Designs. :) If you would like to leave comments you may do so, but may I recommend you visit her blog. Please click her button at the top of this post. (A Kindred Spirit's Thoughts) Thank you for sharing and come join in the fun at Wii Mommies.

Also, a special thank you to our Twitter Party Sponsor AceBeach.com for the giveaway prizes. Use the code "wiimoms" and receive $10 off your AceBeach.com order of $100 or more. Great deal!


Skin MD Natural + SPF 15 Review & Giveaway

Skin MD Natural + SPF 15 - Introduction: (face, body, hands & feet)

From Skin MD Natural: If you‘ve been looking for a skin care product that can heal dry skin and keep the ravages of time at bay, take a look at a breakthrough based on years of research by doctors and chemists - shielding lotion.

A Shielding Lotion is far more effective as a dry skin treatment than conventional moisturizing lotions or protective creams. If you suffer from dry skin, you know that just using a moisturizing lotion doesn't solve the problem. A shielding lotion does much more than just treat dry skin – it’s a new kind of skin care product that makes a real difference to all skin types.

Skin MD Natural™ is promptly absorbed, without the slightest hint of any greasy or oily feeling or residue, transforming the outer layer of skin into a hydrating invisible shield

Skin MD Natural has a moisturizing factor of at least 6 times greater than glycerin, even Doctor recommended!

My Thoughts:

Life is challenging enough and due to the harsh weather conditions in and outdoors our tendency to have dry skin is multiplied. Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion has been a moisturizing miracle! Skin MD Natural is the most hydrating lotion my family and I have ever used. We apply it on our face, hands, legs, back and pretty much head to toe and the results have been wonderful! Our skin does not feel sticky from using it, like so many other skin care products that we have used in the past. My husband just raves on and on about how wonderful this product truly is.

I approve of the fact that it also has a Sunscreen block of SPF 15. If all lotions were equipped with SPF 15, I would not have to stress or make a fuss every time my children go out to play or my for my husband every time he goes to play golf or fish.

Also its guaranteed: We are so certain that you will absolutely love the way Skin MD Natural™ feels, goes on, and how it protects and hydrates your skin that we unconditionally guarantee it.

Skin MD Naturals even offers free samples for those who may be a bit skeptical, but believe me Skin MD Natural is a phenomenon for your skin!

A few extra benefits that is always good to know when choosing a body lotion:

  • No animal products or testing

  • Dermatology tested

  • Fragrance and colorant free

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Paraben free

  • Non-comedogenic

Do you want to get a sample?

Don’t just take my word for it; to learn more you can subscribe to their feeds; read doctor reviews and users testimonials, request a sample and much more on the Skin MD Naturals site. Request your sample today.

Win a bottle of Skin MD Natural + SPF 15:

Would you like to try Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion for yourself? Skin MD is offering one reader a 4 oz. bottle of Skin MD Natural + SPF 15. Visit Skin MD Natural and tell me how many stores carry Skin MD Natural in your area and list one of the stores. For example, I live in Georgia and in my zip code area there are 6 locations, one of which is the Kroger's Pharmacy. Please leave your email in the post. (Mandatory)

Congrats to Ellybean #10 - Random.org pick of the day! :)

The contest will end March 25, 2009 at 11 pm EST. I use Random.org to choose the winner. I will email the winner and after confirmation I will post the winner on this blog and email the winner to Skin MD Naturals. Winners have 48 hrs to contact me. Thank you.

Review by Janet Carter.


100 + Posts Plus 100 + Followers Giveaway!!!


Willow Lake Scents is having a BIG Giveaway! The giveaway is called "100 + Posts Plus 100 + Followers Giveaway"! What do ya get? Head over and check things out today! :) Contest ends 03/18/2009.

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