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Mostly Wordless Wednesday

From May 2009

Today, I decided to spot light my 13 year old daughter, Tara. She enjoys
creating designs for our Zazzle gallery, enjoys reading books and is a gamer.

~ Wordless Wednesday Headquarters ~

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  1. She is lovely, and very creative it seems. This is a sweet WW post.

    Happy WW from Sara @ the Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

    PS - Thank you so much for listing my WW meme, but I noticed you are linking to an old WW post.

    The main link for my meme is: http://www.ordinaryandawesome.com/search/label/WW

  2. Very pretty, I also have a 13 year old daughter who likes to draw and read.

    Happy WW!

  3. She is very pretty! I can see my oldest looking very similar to her when she's big. Happy WW to ya! :)

  4. Tara's is awesome, I'm so proud of my little sisters! :) Great picture, and thanks for sharing it! :)

  5. She is very pretty. It's great she's creative too!


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