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Kimochis For Children Review and Giveaway

From Kimochis

Kimochi (Key.Mo.Chee) means "Feeling" in Japanese.

"And Kimochis are what come inside each character! Kimochis are small pillows with a feeling on one side, and a facial expression on the other. Using the characters and their Kimochis, kids can get in touch with their emotions in a fun and comfortable way, building self-esteem and confidence one feeling at a time!"

Communication * Character * Confidence * Self Esteem

As a parent, we are responsible to help our children express their feelings in a positive manner. We all have feelings and we do not want to forget that our own little ones do too. Kimochis, is a wonderful way to relate and reach out to our children. Each of the characters have special traits not unlike that of our own children. They all come with a special pouch where the Kimochis feeling pillows are stored. Your toy will come with 3 feeling pillows: happy, frustrated and silly. You will also get a Kimochis Feel Guide.

You can purchase a kit with extra pillows that includes the following: feeling pillows, a Make-Your-Own Feeling pillow along with a washable pen to draw your own feelings. This product is appropriate for ages 3 and up.

When we received Huggtopus, my daughter and her older sisters were ecstatic. The character is very much like my 3 year old daughter. They both like the color pink. As you can see from the collage, there are many adorable and colorful little Kimochis feeling pillows. They are soft, huggable and safe for small children.

What Are People Saying...

There are many great reviews: Mothering Magazine,Parenting Magazine, and Mamaspeaks. You can read more reviews and learn more about Kiomochis online.


Kimochis...toys with feelings inside.
Visit www.kimochis.com FOR MORE!

Janet Carter
Twitter: @gahome2mom

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